What Can I Expect to Discuss?

The power of customer experience in driving a profitable businesses is no longer a surprise to anyone. We know what CX can do for us - but specifically how can you improve your CX strategy, make the most of your resources - technology, budget and employees - and really stand out and future-proof the experience you're offering?

This is the aim of the Exchange. With increasing partnerships across industries and innovation taking the customer experience world by storm, now is the time to unite and take full advantage of changing consumer behaviours.


Board Buy-in: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" said Aristotle - this could not be more true for organisations struggling with delivering evidence-based cases for CX and driving board buy-in to your message, we'll be addressing what initiatives organisations currently have in place to deliver more insight into how CX challenges are incorporated in all other departments.


Employee Engagement: By ensuring each department has a role in CX and they understand this role, your organisation can begin to work as a whole, with customer-centricity acting as the lone voice that speaks through to customers each and every time they interact with you.


Digital Innovation: Now consider how employee engagement links to your digital capabilities. If you have the same mindset taking control of technology geared at improved digital experiences, you may not be making the most of your digital innovation. Digital is disrupting each and every industry, but also introducing unique opportunities to strengthen and personalise your relationship with the customer beyond your current standard. Discover where the latest innovation lies and how companies are using it to bring the physical experience online.


Customer Insight: Taking your customer data from measurement to implementation is challenging when there are so many different areas of customer satisfaction to think about while under stringent regulations on the uses of customer data. What are some of the ways to discover what your customer wants without the use of data analysis?

These themes and many more will be discussed at the Exchange by industry experts - check out the agenda to find out who will be bringing their case studies to the Exchange.
 If you think there's something you could share your expertise on, do let us know by emailing exchangeinfo@iqpc.com or calling on 44 (0)207 368 9484.