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INVESTMENT REPORT 2017: Customer Experience Solutions & Services

Forget everything you know about customer experience strategy; in this research based report Europe’s top CX executives share the challenges and biggest investment priorities shaping their 2017 strategies in this definitive guide into CX budget assignment.

The CX Blueprint

Absolutely all industries are being affected by the digital evolution, with increasingly blurred lines between digital and physical experiences and the 24/7 culture of today’s generation. Whether your business is built on traditional, challenger or disrupter thinking, the digital world is creat ...

The three 'E's of Customer Experience

Qaalfa Dibeehi, Forrester's Vice President, Customer Experience talks about the three ‘E’s of customer experience, together with the latest Forrester trends from across Europe.

2015 Post Event Report

In November 2015, the Customer Experience Exchange Europe connected 70 Senior VP’s and Directors of Customer Experience with a selection of the industry’s leading solution providers and analysts to find solutions to these very challenges. This report outlines the centra ...

The Power Of Emotional Engagement

Customer Experiences still vary greatly, both between and within businesses. Customers are still treated in a transactional way, instead of a process that actually has a lot more emotional complexity to it. Loyal customers are the key to success, and organisations ...

Understanding Customer Experience Leaders' Top 10 Investment Priorities for 2016 and Beyond

Ahead of the 2015 Customer Experience Exchange, we surveyed our elite group of customer experience leaders attending the event to understand their biggest customer experience business challenges and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 12 months to safeguard the future ...

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Brand Vista Case Study: Ladies Day at Aintree

From fading glory back to the winner’s enclosure with a realigned customer experience...a must read case study on customer experience alignment!

Building Emotional Engagement

One of the key themes that have emerged this year in the customer experience world is the idea of building a level of emotional engagement with your customers. One global brand synonymous with building these connections is Coca Cola. Guido Rosales, Europe Group Integrated Marketing Director, explains how a core...

Interviews with Industry Leaders

Theresa Mattisson, Head of Ecommerce, Nordic Choice Hotels

Theresa Mattisson, Head of Ecommerce, Nordic Choice Hotels digs deep into the ecommerce side of the Hospitality industry, discussing how to deliver a great experience digitally for customers whilst personalizing the journey leading to loyalty and satisfaction.

Gerhard Fourie, General Manager Global Brand Strategy, Nissan

Gerhard discusses the importance of brand positioning for the consumer, as well as the value sponsorships play in spreading the message of your brand.

Marko Hein, Senior Director, Digital Solutions, LEGO

In this exclusive interview Marko Hein, Senior Director, Digital Solutions talks about how LEGO deliver a fantastic experience for its consumers in the online world, reflecting the brand values of the well loved organisation through digital means.

Seth Ellison, President Europe, Levi’s

Board buy in for customer strategies can be tricky, and as President of Europe at Levis, Seth talks about exactly what he looks for when individuals in his team are looking for investment into their CX strategies.

Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director, Accor Hotels

Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director, Accor Hotels talks about the importance of using customer data when predicting behaviors within hospitality. An effective data strategy means that the CX strategy can be differentiated and personalized to each customer.

Jorge Mascarenhas, Head of O2, Telefonica

Jorge talks to the Exchange about the impact that Gurus have on O2’s customer strategy. Jorge also shares the impact of propositions like these and how do to create a business case around something experiential such as the Guru strategy. 

Andreas Schlegel, Global Director Network Development, Volvo

Andreas shares examples of how Volvo integrated a customer culture into their showrooms, together with the importance he places on the difference this can make between a standard customer journey and a memorable ‘wow’ one. 

Andy Brown, Central operations Director, Argos

Having recently changed the face of a much loved brand to be more digital-friendly, Andy talks through the importance of digital and it’s place on the high street. He also talks about the importance of engaging his employees for effective results. 

Cathy Reid, Head of Customer Experience, Anne Summers

Cathy talks about strategies of connecting the dots between the online and in-store world, as well as combining the two to create a fantastic shopping experience.

Paul Sands, Director of Customer Experience, Bang & Olufsen

Emotional engagement is now the buzz of the customer facing industry, and Paul discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that are presented when investing in tools to enhance the overall engagement of the customer. 

Interview: Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurosta

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar, prides himself on delivering the very best level of service possible. Here, Nick outlines how Eurostar’s market research translates into real customer results.

Customer Culture & Centricity

Rise of the voice of the employee

Confirmit's Claire Sporton talks about the rising emergence of the voice of the employee, and how this, combined with the voice of the customer, can ensure a more holistic view of the customer. 

Gary Hurry, Director of Marketing, ABN AMRO

Gary discusses the difficulties faced with creating a culture change across the organisation, together with a number of helpful hints and tips for working with your board to influence customer strategy. 

Stephen Ingledew, Managing Director, Customers Marketing, Standard Life

Nailing the company culture is tough, and Stephen talks about Standard Life’s journey, together with some common pitfalls to avoid on the subject. 

What is Customer Experience?

Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organizations' ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty,...

CEM Strategy

Presentation: Stephen Ingledew Presentation

If your customer experience strategy is going to make the impact on your business its capable of, everyone needs to be engaged with your strategy, from the CEO through the workforce. With the difficulty of placing a monetary value on the level of customer experience provided, many senior decision makers...

Fabrice Andre, Senior Vice President, Operations, Orange

Fabrice’s talks about Orange’s ambition to become the leading telecoms operator in the customer field in every geography they operate. A challenging task, however the strategies in place are very compelling. 

Karl De Bruijn, IT Director, Cath Kidston

Karl talks the audience through delivering a fantastic customer experience in a legacy environment, with specific focus on convincing the IT department of the benefits of investing. 

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